Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism & Environmental Law

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Tourism industry is one of the most significant industries globally, despite the ups and downs in world economy throughout the recent years. There is a vast untapped potential inherent in the industry for generating more wealth, income and employment. Not only is the tourism sector a generator of local, national and global income but is can also be considered the backbone for allied sectors, like hospitality, civil aviation, and transport.

Despite having such potential, tourism remains one of the largest unorganised sectors in India creating the possibility of enhancing the negative impacts of tourism on society, culture and the environment. Hence it is essential to efficiently plan, manage and promote tourism while striking a suitable balance between the social, cultural and environmental aspects of tourism development, so as to ensure its sustainability.

CEL, WWF-India conceived the idea to offer this new interdisciplinary programme that will make the learners familiar with the existing legal and policy prescriptions, and will provide them with practical faculty to effectively balance the two seemingly opposite concepts called tourism and environment. It will aid tourism professionals to addressing crucial environmental problems at both policy and implementation level which will enable them to run their businesses efficiently, effectively and economically.

PGDTEL is one such initiative of Centre for Environmental Law (CEL), WWF-India and National Law University, Delhi (NLU, Delhi), which aims to assist professionals and graduates to develop a better understanding of the tourism industry, especially in relation to those working in areas of much talked about but seldom practiced ‘ecotourism’. The programme includes perspectives on all the new developments and insights of the relationship between tourism and environment dealt with at both global and regional level.

The course methodology of PGDTEL comprises of various teaching & learning techniques such as compulsory and regular communication via electronic media, comprehensive course material, interactive sessions, discussion forum, compulsory contact classes, assignments and a term end paper/project report.

We wish you get the best from the course and also urge you to join the community thinking and acting for environment well being.

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