Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Environmental Management and Law

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Congratulations on your selection for pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Environmental Management and Law.

Whether in the visible strands of urban life, like deteriorating infrastructure and housing, or the invisible heartache of poverty and deprivation, it is the urban administrator who faces the most difficult task today. The local body is responsible for delivering some semblance of a decent life to its citizens even against a million odds. Therefore, strengthening the delivery capacity of urban administrators and elected representatives is crucial for harmonious civil and environmental governance. One of the best ways to tackle a situation like this is to strengthen the human resource pool by creating efficient urban managers. In this context, National Law University, Delhi (NLU, Delhi) and Centre for Environmental Law(CEL), WWF-India together launched the Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Environmental Management and Law’.

The unique programme is aimed towards the training and capacity building of the urban administrators and personnel by providing an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the existing urban laws, by-laws and policies. The key objective of the programme will be to provide policy prescriptions, innovations for better urban governance, information and training inputs to all those concerned with improving living conditions and quality of life for urban citizens.

CEL, WWF-India conceived the idea to offer this new interdisciplinary programme that will make the learners familiar with the existing legal and policy prescriptions, and will provide them with practical faculty for addressing crucial urban problems at both policy and implementation level.

The hallmark of the programme is that it is flexible and convenient mode of dissemination of knowledge about the current urban issues with special emphasis on synthesis of urban laws with environmental concerns. The programme, comprising of five theory courses and one practical course, emphasizes on multidisciplinary approaches to urban laws and policies as well as provides focus on current urban problems related to infrastructure, services, population, migration and shelter in the light of both international and national perspective presented through actual case studies, urban environmental policies and legislations. The course methodology comprises of various teaching & learning techniques such as compulsory and regular communication via electronic media, comprehensive course material, interactive sessions, discussion forum, assignments and a term end paper/project report.

It gives us immense pleasure to see tremendous response to the course. People belonging to a heterogeneous group ranging from Architects to IAS Officers and IFS officers have shown interest in the programme. Personnel of local level/state level urban development authorities, urban planners/managers, local level policymakers, professionals from ministries, private sector employees, the academia and Civil Society Organisations are a part of this batch. Thus enabling quality discussion on wide range of issues.

We wish you get the best from the course and also urge you to join the community thinking and acting for environment well being.

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