Centre for Environmental Law

The Centre for Environmental Law (CEL) was established in 1993 as an integral part of WWF-India.
Apart from handling and furthering WWF-India's conservation work involving policy analysis, campaigning and legal interventions on environmental issues, CEL serves as a resource centre for teaching environmental law and research in national, regional and international context.

To implement its programmes CEL is building functional and professional linkages with the Government agencies and non-governmental organizations in India as well as at the regional and international levels. CEL receives support from Government of India and various national and international organizations including multilateral funding agencies. 

Activities of CEL

  • Undertakes capacity development of institutions in the field of environmental law.
  • Conducts research on various enviro-legal issues.
  • Supports the legal dimension of WWF-India's mission, which often entails legal interventions.
  • Conducts Diploma in Environmental Law for a better understanding of green law issues in India.
  • Disseminates information on green law through publications, books and its Green Law Lecture series.


Mr. Tejas Singh Kapoor
Programme Officer- Centre for Environmental Law
Tel: +91 11 41504771-72
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