13th diploma in Environmental Law

Thirteenth batch of Diploma in Environmental Law

Centre for Environmental Law has recently started thirteenth batch of Diploma in Environmental Law. The inaugural session was held on January 9, 2006 in WWF Auditorium.
Dr. PC Sinha, President, Indian Institute of Contemporary Studies, Gurgaon, was the keynote speaker. In his talk he mentioned about emergence of environmental law and policy and how this subject has constantly evolved, in response to the trends central to environment and natural resource management. 

Twelve participants have been selected for the thirteenth batch, the participants come from different backgrounds and most of them are working professionals. This program is of relevance to both lawyers and non-lawyers.

The aim is to facilitate understanding the role of law in policy and development practices concerning the environment. Since the inception of the diploma program, it always reflected on the emerging issues and trends in environmental law.

Key Contact

  • Moulika Arabhi

    Advisor, Centre For Environmental Law


    +91 11 41504772

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