Profiles of XIII Diploma in Environmental Law Students

From Left to Right: Moulika Arabhi - WWF, Sanghamitra Das, Ankit Sood - GHNP, Sushmita Sarkar, Mr.Sanjeeva Pandey- Director, GHNP, Atin Prakash, Nitin Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Jai Prakash- WWF, Rajneesh, Vishaish Uppal-WWF, Reena Haorokcham
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Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar, postgraduate in Environmental science from JNU, Delhi. I worked for one and half years as a research assistant, in JNU. Further, I worked for three years in an Assam based NGO as a Programme coordinator and I am presently working as an environmental solution specialist in SPATIAL DECISIONS, Delhi. My work involves social impact assessment and environmental impact assessment. Having more than four and half years of professional experience in environmental impact assessment, I joined CEL to understand the Legal aspects and issues related to environment. “The Course has helped me to understand the legal aspects, related to National and International law relating to environment which include all flora, fauna and their Bio-physical environment”.

Nitin Kumar Sharma
Nitin Kumar Sharma, postgraduate in Environmental Management.
I am working as an environmental specialist. Having more than two years of professional experience in the field of social and environment management, I joined CEL to understand the Legal aspects and issues related to environment. This course has helped me a lot and has explored new legal domain in which I am working now. This course has helped me to understand the legal aspects related to Social Impact Assessment and Environment Impact Assessment, Solid waste management, Bio-medical waste management and water quality and waste water management. In future I have planned to work in the same field and also in the field of PIL, because with the pace of urbanisation, no one really cares about the environment and its related domain.

Sanghamitra Das
I’ve done my M.A. in Geography form Delhi School of Economics. During the course of my masters degree I learnt a lot of new things. One of them was about the Diploma course in Environmental Law from CEL, WWF. After joining this I realized that this course offered all the relevant information and training which I lacked regarding the legal side of environmental issues. This diploma Programme opened up an entirely new dimension for me. I Learnt how the legal system works regarding green law issues in India as well as globally. It taught me how to handle environmental legal issues, how the system works, where do we stand today and what we can do for the future. During my course I had the opportunity to meet a lot of renowned persons as well as experts working in diverse fields relating to various environmental issues. I also got a firsthand experience on various contemporary issues and had the opportunity to visit some of these places too.

Sushmita Sarkar
I am Sushmita Sarkar, currently employed in a construction consultancy firm as an Environmental Engineer. I have done Masters in Environmental Planning from School of Planning and Architecture with B.Tech in Civil. I came to know about the PG Diploma program in Environmental Law offered by CEL, WWF India while doing my Bachelors study and wanted to join this course as I felt it offered a comprehensive background on environmental law. After having completed this course, I think it has helped me a lot in my understanding of the evolution of environmental law in the country and the outlook of various agencies regarding environmental protection. I have also gained a thorough understanding on forest management and protection practices being presently followed in India. I also strongly feel WWF India has undertaken upon itself a very arduous task of preserving nature and wildlife and is diligently working towards conservation and protection in India.

Atin Prakash
As a Chemical Engineer, the issues of Environmental Law have been increasingly cropping up in my profession and personal field of interest. The diverse aspects in the Environmental domain have been well addressed in the course in a very interactive and professional manner, which presents a very holistic and comprehensive view of seemingly unrelated issues. The knowledge and information provided were extremely useful in developing a plan for where I want to go with my career. In that sense it has been an inspiring and eye opening experience.The interaction with experts from diverse backgrounds and fields has been invaluable in formulating my future path, for which I am extremely grateful.

Reena Haorokcham
I am Reena Haorokcham. I have completed my M.Sc in Biosciences specialization in Biotechnology. I love nature and our living environment which it has given so much to us, humans. I would like to be a part of that many endeavor made so far in the field of nature as a dutiful environmentalist. So, my interest in Nature and Wildlife brought me here to WWF-India which further exhilarates me in being closer to Nature and its pristine beauty. With this, I always felt culmination of Biosciences (Biotechnology) with environment will be a great combination. So, here I am believing in the best of outcome from both sciences.

Rajneesh Dwevedi
I am Rajneesh Dwevedi and I am a Life science graduate from Delhi University. I have a keen interest in wildlife and conservation and I wanted to know the legal side of the wildlife and conservation, therefore I came to join this course at WWF. I had a really good experience while studying here. WWF provides a very friendly and cooperative environment to learn the environment law. One of the best things of the course was the interaction with the well known experienced persons who are working in the field. It has helped me to understand the environmental law in a better and practical way.

Sanjay Kumar Srivastava
Hi! I am Sanjay Kumar Srivastava. I belong to the 1987 batch of the Indian Forestry Service of the Manipur – Tripura Cadre. I have done my M. Sc. In Forestry after my B. Sc. (Chemical) with National Merit Scholarship. From the ndira Gandhi National Forestry Academy, Dehradun, I have Diploma in Forestry and Wildlife with specialization in Wildlife. I have worked with numerous state and central government department before my last assignment with the Punjab and Sind Bank.

I am sure that CEL’s highly reputed diploma will help me in my work by sharpening my understanding of Environmental Law & Practice.

Neeta Sinha
Hi! I am Neeta Sinha and I have done my graduation in Political Science and have worked for the welfare of tribals in Manipur and Bihar. I have also worked with IRAM. This diploma in environmental law from WWF-India has helped me in my understanding of the Environmental Law and their practices in India, and I am sure will enhance my career prospects.

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