Every year, as India celebrates the festival of Diwali, owls suffer in large numbers as they become victims of illicit and superstitious beliefs and rituals promoted amongst the unsuspecting public by local mystic practitioners. Owls are trapped and traded for ritual sacrifices, and these sinister activities usually peak around the festival of Diwali. Lack of awareness about owls leading to misbeliefs and the limited capacity of enforcement agencies to identify them in illegal wildlife trade has made this illicit activity challenging to detect and curb. 
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‘Wildlife trade’ refers to the commercial use by people of wild animal and plant resources. While most of this trade is legal, a significant portion of it is not.

What does TRAFFIC do?

TRAFFIC works closely with the National and the State Governments and various agencies to help study, monitor and influence action to curb illegal wildlife trade and bring wildlife trade within sustainable levels.

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TRAFFIC has an enviable reputation as a reliable and impartial organization, a leader in the field of conservation as it relates to wildlife trade.
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