Due to the nationwide lockdown, the country is facing multiple challenges ranging from restricted movement to shortage of essential supplies in remote corners of the country including villages located near wildlife habitats. Local communities living in and around forests are affected the most by loss of livelihood and lack of basic supplies.

Local authorities around these various locations have been proactively involved in support endeavours to these vulnerable communities. However, in a lot of areas, despite the efforts, some communities remain unreached. One such area consists of villages around Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and part of Maharashtra under the WWF India’s Central India landscape. Villages are struggling for support and basic supplies, especially food.

A recent assessment in the Karanjia block of Dindori District of Madhya Pradesh identified 248 households as vulnerable in the area and in immediate need of support. To help them, WWF India, in association with PRADAN mobilised the distribution of ration kits with essentials like rice, wheat, flour, pulses, oil, potatoes etc. to these families. Each ration kit is aimed to support a family of five for the time period of at least a week.

With the on-going lockdown, these communities need our continued help and support. Your contribution will help fund the continuous supply of essentials to these vulnerable communities.

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