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TRAFFIC warns against buying illegal wildlife products

Four new posters under the campaign- Don’t Buy Trouble- have been released by TRAFFIC and WWF-India appealing for curbing illegal wildlife trade in ...

26 Jul 2017 Read more »

World Sea Turtle Day 2017– WWF calls on governments to take action to save tens of thousands of marine turtles each year

A report launched by WWF reveals that tens of thousands of marine turtles are killed each year during trawling for shrimps.A simple solution to the ...

16 Jun 2017 Read more »

Communities and Conservation

The Tongia communities were brought in by the erstwhile colonial government in the late 1800 and early 1900 to work in the forests located in the ...

12 Jun 2017 Read more »

Co-existing with pachyderms

Incidents of human-wildlife interface, since the past few years, have been rising in the country. In India, as per reports, over 400 people are ...

09 Jun 2017 Read more »

Balancing the Human-Wildlife Interface

“It was a chilly winter night; I was sleeping in the front porch of our home. Suddenly I felt a strong tug on the mosquito net of my bed. To my ...

07 Jun 2017 Read more »
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