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New report outlines vision for Palm Oil Sustainability for India

‘Palm Lines – Envisioning a sustainable future for the Indian palm oil industry’, a report released by WWF-India highlights the critical role that ...

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WWF-India launches India’s first environment education portal, in partnership with Capgemini

WWF-India, in partnership with Capgemini, today launched One Planet Academy (OPA), the first environment education portal for students and teachers ...

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Rehabilitated Rhino in Manas gives birth

The birth of a rhino at the Manas National Park has brought hope for many who are working for establishing a viable population of the species in ...

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Earth Overshoot Day 2017 is August 2, the earliest date since ecological overshoot began in the early 1970s*

On August 2, humanity will have used nature’s budget for the entire year, according to the Global Footprint Network*. The world has already exhausted ...

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Poaching continues to pose severe threat to tigers in SE Asia

29 July 2017– On Global Tiger Day , WWF is urging tiger-range governments to strengthen anti-poaching efforts and crack down on a severe wildlife ...

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