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Terai Arc Landscape

Terai Arc Landscape in India is an 810-km stretch that extends from river Bhagmati in the east in the state of Bihar to river Yamuna in the west near India’s Capital Delhi.
It comprises the Himalayan foothills, terai flood plains and the bhabar tracts. The total area of the landscape is about 49,500 sq. km of which 30,000 sq. km lies in India including in the states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. There are nine Protected Areas in TAL-India that conserve under their umbrella three terrestrial flagship species - tiger, Asian elephant and the Indian rhinoceros, of the five.

The TAL represents one of the densest populations of tiger in the world. Some of the PAs are isolated refuges and do not currently provide the connectivity required for key wildlife species to maintain their natural ecology and behaviour as well as for important ecosystem processes to be sustained. The biological vision for the TAL programmme therefore is to restore habitat connectivity and maintain the existing corridors in this landscape.
 / ©: Diwakar Sharma/WWF-India
Swamp Deer
© Diwakar Sharma/WWF-India