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Asiatic lion

Key Facts

  • Common Name

    Asiatic lion

  • Scientific Name

    Panthera leo persica

  • Geographic habitat

    Gir Forest National Park, Gujarat

  • Height

    Approx 90cm

  • Length


  • Weight


  • Population

    Around 300

  • Did you know?

    Lion cubs are born blind

  • Status


Interesting facts and Features:

  •  Asiatic lions are highly social animals, living in units called prides.
  • Their prides have an average of only two females, whereas an African pride has an average of four to six.
  • The males are less social and only associate with the pride when mating or on a large kill.
  • They have belly fold and distinctive tuft of hair on elbow which are absent in their Afican counterparts.
  • They predominantly prey on deer (sambar & chital), antelope (nilgai), wild boar, and livestock

Habitat and Distribution:

Gir national Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is the only abode of the Asiatic Lion. The last surviving population of the Asiatic lions occupies a compact tract of dry deciduous forest and open grassy scrublands in southwestern part of saurashtra region of state of Gujarat. Compared to their counterparts in Eastern African Savanna landscape, Asiatic lions are found in forests and thorny thickets.