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WWF-India’s interventions

WWF-India has been involved in the Species Recovery Programme ever since the National Chambal Gharial crisis in December 2007. In collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department WWF-India started a Gharial re-introduction programme at Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary. Since January 2009, 195 captive reared Gharial from Kukrail Rehabilitation Centre (Lucknow) have been released into River Ganga. These individuals are between 2.8–3.8 years, measuring 1.2–1.68m in length and weigh 6.5–12kg. The animals have acclimatized to the new environment and intensive field monitoring & ecological studies are underway.  

An international collaboration was established between the University of Tokyo, JAPAN and WWF-India to initiate a study on Gharial Bio-logging Science. This aspect of science enables researchers to better understand the underwater behaviour and surrounding habitat of a free ranging organism which otherwise is difficult to obtain. 

WWF-India has been working in coordination with the local communities to elicite support for biodiversity conservation in River Ganga. This includes educations and awareness programmes and Village Panchayat Meetings (Ganga Sanrakshan Panchayat) to understand and coordinate conservation, management and development of water & related resources across deifferent stakeholders within the Upper Ganga Basin.
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Re-introduced Gharial
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Gharial monitoring
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