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Tell forest guards you care, send a postcard today!

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 Asif Hussain Qureshi, Forest Guard, Kanha Tiger Reserve
 Shatrughan Lal, Forest Guard, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve
 Strike Force, Pakke Tiger Reserve
 KPM, Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary
 Dep. Ranger Uttam Biswas and his team of 8 forest guards


  1. Click on the picture of any forest guard in the slide show left.
  2. Mail him a postcard with a personalized message from your nearest post office.
  3. You can also send him an e-postcard.
  4. Show your appreciation for all of them. They’ll be delighted to hear from you!
A lot has been spoken about the magnificence of the tiger, and the ever increasing threats faced by this species in its fight for survival. But rarely do we spare a thought for the handful of brave and determined individuals who have dedicated their lives towards protecting the tiger and the Indian forests. The foot soldiers of tiger conservation are the forest guards of India, who work tirelessly day and night in extreme conditions to ensure the safety of our wildlife, especially the tiger.

Every day they set out on foot to patrol the forests, ‘wearing their lives on their sleeves’ and facing the dangers of encountering poachers or wild animals. Yet, undeterred, they walk long hours in scorching heat, biting cold, and torrential rains; on the lookout for the slightest signs of movement. These forest guards know the secrets of the forest, its rivulets, water holes, hiding places, vantage points, where the tigers hang out and more. They watch over the wildlife, follow their movement, keep away human interferences, and protect them from intruders. Their presence in the forest is the reason the tiger still survives.

How little we know about their lives, the hardships they face, and what they do every day to ensure the tiger and other wildlife are safe in the forest. It is time we recognize their importance and work, and give them the support they deserve.

We bring to you some of the most daring forest guards from different tiger landscapes in India. Read their stories, share their experiences, follow their adventures, and most of all- tell them you care.

Send them a post card today! Your appreciation will motivate them further to continue their job with passion.
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