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Strike Force, Pakke Tiger Reserve
This 16 member team comprises ex-army personnel and local youth, especially trained in Guerrilla warfare and jungle survival techniques. Each of them is equipped with a wireless set and individual rifle, which they would not hesitate to fire if the need arises in the forest. They are the Strike Force of Pakke Tiger Reserve, amongst the highest tiger habitats found in North East India.

For the love of tigers

Unlike other forest guard teams, the Strike Force sets out to patrol the forests for a stretch of 10-15 days in one go, carrying their supplies on their back, and camping in different places every night. Their patrolling routes are often in the most strenuous parts of the reserve, where no other forest guards can reach. Come hail, snow or landslides, the Strike Force is always on duty, sometimes together, and sometimes splitting into teams of twos and threes. They have survived on raw rice and salt when conditions did not allow them to light a fire, searched for wild fruits and vegetables when they fell short on supplies, and plucked off blood sucking leeches from their skin during the monsoons, all for their love of tigers and wildlife. Their training makes them experts at responding to emergency situations, and no matter where they are in the forest; they are always at call to assist other forest guard teams in demanding situations.

Seeing death up close

Carrying a rifle does not always shield you from danger. The Strike Force has learnt this lesson from experience. Six years ago, the team received a message on the wireless that a gang of poachers, well equipped with weapons, were on the prowl to kill wild animals. While a team of forest guards were already on the spot, they needed more assistance to stop the poachers. The Strike Force reached the location immediately, and the poachers opened fire. They tried to protect all members of their team, as well as the other forest guard team, but despite the number of bullets they fired, one forest guard lost his life. That day, a foot soldier took a bullet to his chest as he continued to fight to protect the innocent and precious wildlife of his country.

This incident is a reminder of the seriousness and ground realities of tiger conservation. Danger lurks at every corner in the forest, but the Strike Force takes it all head on. With fierce determination, and the courage of a lion, they work towards giving this story of tiger conservation a happy ending.
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The rangers have limited access to the internet, so a postcard is preferred over an e-card. Thank you.

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Strike Force
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