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Maharaja Fatesinghrao Gaekwad Library
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Maharaja Fatesinghrao Gaekwad Library and Documentation Centre

Maharaja Fatesinghrao Gaekwad Library & Documentation Centre, established in 1990 in the WWF-India Secretariat, provides referral services to information seekers within and outside the organisation.
Over the years the documentation centre has established a position of strength, to provide improved information services to the users. The library, patronised by various NGOs, media professionals, students and members has over 10,500 volumes on a magnitude of subjects ranging from forests, wetlands, oceans & marine systems, flora & fauna, pollution & toxics, climate change, environmental education, environmental law and cases, wildlife trade, protected areas, watershed management and other subjects related to environment.

The library subscribes to about 60 journals and receives over 250 newsletters from India and abroad every year. New journals have been added to our subscription list during the last year, improving on its existing anthology on environment, biodiversity conservation and protection, management, forestry, birds, environmental education etc. The Centre is trying to create exclusive sections for students and international organisations such as IUCN, UNEP, UNDP, World Bank, World Watch Institute, World Resource Institute to provide an information base, thereby strengthen the association.