WWF Exhibition

Our exhibition at the Interactive Fair for Biodiversity at CBD from 8th to 19th October will showcase our work on crucial environmental issues, wildlife species and landscapes, in different geographical regions across the world. The experiential design of this exhibition will use a mix of pictures and videos, and other interactive elements to engage with the audience, as well as serve as a platform for individuals to take action for our public campaigns.
The exhibition will focus on five themes:

Conserving tigers and their habitat

Tiger conservation has been a priority for WWF-India since it was first founded. For the last forty years, we have been working with state Forest Departments, local communities and other stakeholders in six tiger landscapes and certain Tiger Reserves. At this exhibition, we will highlight the progress made in tiger conservation, the issues faced by tiger habitats, and our interventions to save the tiger and its habitat.

Conserving High Altitude Wetlands and the biodiversity of the Eastern Himalayas

Learn about the importance of High Altitude Wetlands, their religious and spiritual value to local communities, the biodiversity they support, and our interventions to preserve them.

Keeping the Ganga and its ecosystem alive

The Ganga and its tributaries support several iconic and important freshwater and terrestrial species, as well as 500 million people living in the Ganga basin. Witness our work to conserve this rich biodiversity, especially the endangered gharial and ganges river dolphin.

Conservation with communities

Biodiversity areas across the world support millions of local communities and indigenous tribes, who depend on natural resources for food, livelihood and energy demands. Conservation measures in these landscapes can only succeed if these communities have a strong stake. At the exhibition, we highlight our work with communities living around our global priority landscapes, and their involvement in conservation initiatives.

Reducing illegal wildlife trade

Poaching is the biggest threat facing wildlife species today, fuelled by the growing demands for body parts of tigers, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and many more iconic species. Unless poaching is stopped completely, conservation measures will have little results. Learn about the extent of trade in different countries, products made from wildlife parts, and species illegally being kept as pets.

Species of the day

While some species are in the limelight in conservation debates, there are many more facing similar threats and need to be protected with equal efforts. Every day of the exhibition, we bring to you some rare and endangered species from different parts of the world, and what we are doing to save it.
 / ©: WWF-India
A camera trap image of a tiger from WWF-India's Western Ghats landscape
© WWF-India
 / ©: V. Uppal-WWF-India
© V. Uppal-WWF-India
Tiger skull being sold in a market
 / ©:  WWF-India
Vasuki tal in Uttarakhand
© WWF-India