A song sung by the students of Sadbhavna school, Leh in a programme with WWF-India on the 16th of September 2010 conveys the message on Leh.

Making of the NBL Anthem

By the end of the session the team members were clear that there is one common cause that brings them all together and that is the cause of conservation. Click on the link below to listen/download the Anthem.
JOIN IN: Join the cause of Conservation. Download the anthem to make this your ring tone. Also encourage friends to do the same.

The North Bank Landscape located in North East India comprises of lush evergreen forests and grasslands which provides home to a plethora of species like the Asian elephants, Indian Rhinoceros, tiger, leopard etc. Estimates point out that this region provides refuge to a sizeable population of the Asian elephants, about 40% of the entire Indian and nearly 10% of the world population.

Tiger Anthem

My son asked me the other day
Do we have tigers only in the zoos
My teacher tells me the forests are gone
The deers are gone, wild animals are gone
The king of the junge now kills our cattle
Poachers on his trail
Now people live where once he lived
His skin is up for sale.

I said son, your teacher's not fully right
Tigers are in danger, but still they survive
You can still see them in the wild
Sure I will take you there someday
The future of the tiger still hangs by a thread
But the battle is still not lost
We don't wanna see tigers only in the zoos
We'll save them at any cost

And its now or never, for the future of the tiger
It is time to decide if we wanna see the tigers in the wild
And he looked you in the eye, When you shot him, before he died
It is time that we ensure we gave the tigers a safe home.

Well son, the tiger needs your support
In you his future lies
If the tigers live, the forests live
And we need it for us to survive
I take the vow not to buy anything
That has tiger part
And I will try my best to gain all support
For the tiger with all my heart

And its now or never....

                                                                                        Lyrics: Banjoy

Bird Sounds

  • Chris Hails has been a life-long conservationist and ornithologist colleague from WWF. He has recently begun to build a website for bird sounds where he combines his own sounds, images and moving sonograms. He now has written about more than 70 species and it is growing, all are species from the Western Palearctic but some do reach the sub-continent and so are of interest. The site is entertaining, informative and with wonderful sounds.