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Protecting India’s wildlife from cybercrime: Odisha Forest Department undergoes training

With approximately 26 Royal Bengal Tigers Panthera tigris including the rare melanistic form, Asian Elephant Elephas maximus, Indian Pangolin Manis ...

19 Feb 2020 Read more »

Young coders put their skills together to address wildlife trafficking in India: Watch our latest film on ZOOHACKATHON on #WorldPangolinDay

Wildlife crime has evolved itself into an organized criminal activity targeting many protected and endangered wildlife such as pangolins, turtles and ...

14 Feb 2020 Read more »

Bear necessities: Call to stop poaching and illegal trade of bears in India

Poaching and illegal trade of bears is a threat to their future in India and protecting bears and conserving their habitat has become a “bear ...

10 Feb 2020 Read more »

Certificate Course in "Bird Identification and Basic Ornithology” launched

In line with the skill India mission of Hon’ble Prime Minister, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate change (MoEF&CC) has initiated the Green ...

27 Jan 2020 Read more »

Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) meets C&I customers to map competitive RE pricing

WWF-India, under its Renewable Energy Demand Enhancement (REDE) initiative for Commercial & Industrial (C&I) consumers, convened a closed-door ...

16 Jan 2020 Read more »
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