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Climate Solver 2020 Nominations Open!

Climate Solver is a climate innovations platform developed by WWF to strengthen the development and widespread use of low carbon technologies, which radically or transformatively reduce carbon-dioxide emissions or provide energy access.

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Owning is Stealing: TRAFFIC urges not to keep legally protected wild animals as pets

Red Sand Boa Eryx johnii, commonly called the ‘double-headed snake’ due to its blunt tail that resembles its head, is reported to be one of the most ...

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‘Wearing is Stealing’: TRAFFIC urges not to wear fur or other products made from protected otter species

The energetic and playful otters are the top predators of the river ecosystem in India and have been the silent victims of illegal wildlife trade for ...

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The road to tiger recovery in Rajaji

Rajaji Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand received two tigers from Corbett Tiger Reserve as part of an ongoing conservation effort to boost the tiger ...

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Tiger radio-collared in Sundarbans Tiger Reserve to assess human-tiger interactions

The initiative has been undertaken by the Wildlife Wing of West Bengal Forest Directorate and WWF India and supported by ICICI Foundation.

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WWF embraces Independent Review’s recommendations

WWF today published ‘Embedding Human Rights into Nature Conservation: from Intent to Action’, a report from an Independent Panel it commissioned last ...

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