Durrell Endangered Species Management Graduate Certificate (DESMAN) 2016

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04 August 2015
This 12 week course is designed to equip conservation professionals with a complete range of skills to maximise their effectiveness at managing or participating in conservation projects.
You will learn the latest theory and practise of endangered species recovery, and gain a wide variety of skills in facilitation, management and leadership.
Where will you be based?
The course is based at the Durrell Conservation Academy, at the headquarters of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, in Jersey, British Channel Islands.
What topics will be covered?
The taught component of the course includes the following main topics:
  • biodiversity and drivers of species decline
  • conservation planning and priority setting
  • the role of zoos and captive breeding
  • principles of animal husbandry
  • conservation medicine and wildlife disease 
  • small population biology and genetics
  • in-situ conservation techniques
  • management and leadership skills
  • facilitation and team skills
  • GIS for conservation managers
  • captive and field research skills
  • education and community conservation
  • fundraising and financial management


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