Delhi NCR pledges to adopt environment-friendly modes of transport to #GiveUp to Give Back to the Planet | WWF India

Delhi NCR pledges to adopt environment-friendly modes of transport to #GiveUp to Give Back to the Planet

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24 March 2018
Pedal/Paidal for the Planet 2018 kicks off celebrations for Earth Hour 2018

New Delhi: WWF-India, in partnership with the Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company,  supported by Raahgiri Gurgaon, WRI, GACS, NASSCOM Regional Council, Haryana and Nagarro, today hosted Pedal for the Planet, a Cyclothon and Walkathon to celebrate the world’s largest grassroots environmental campaign – Earth Hour 2018. Celebrating the ethos of the #GiveUp to Give Back initiative, the event asked people to make planet-friendly choices in their lives, like cycling, walking and carpooling whenever possible. The cyclothon was led by Shri Rao Narbir Singh, Cabinet Minister for PWD (B&R) Forests and ITI Departments, Govt of Haryana and saw participation from over 1000 people across Delhi NCR, eager to make eco-friendly choices in their daily lives and inspire positive action for the planet. The event was also attended by Abhishek Mishra, Gurgaon’s very own Ironman.
Earth Hour 2018 will be celebrated on Saturday, 24March from 8:30pm to 9:30 pm, local time. For Earth Hour 2018 WWF-India is launching the #GIVEUP TO GIVE BACK initiative. The campaign aims to inspire organisations, institutions and individuals to make the choice to curb some habits, practices and lifestyles, burdening both our lives and the environment and inspire them to choose alternatives to “Connect to Earth”. The Give Up initiative starts conversations at different levels and for different agendas  and is a lens and tool that organizations can use for shifting organizational culture and behavior change, for economizing operations and reducing costs. This is the choice to consume smart and ensure that the things we own don’t own us.
Speaking at the launch of the event, Shri Singh, said, “One of the biggest issues facing our country today is environmental degradation. New urban spaces like Gurgaon face major problems because of this, particularly that of pollution. Events like the Pedal for the Planet Cyclothon and Walkathon helps strengthen people’s movements for cleaner air and a greener planet for all.  I also pledge to switch off between 8:30pm-9:30pm tonight for Earth Hour 2018 and urge all of you to do the same.”
The exhilarating cyclothon and walkathon, held for the first time in Gurgaon, covered a route of approximately 20km and saw more than 1000 registrations. This is the first time that Pedal for the Planet, WWF-India’s signature event for Earth Hour was held under the aegis of Raahgiri Day. Raahgiri Day is India's first sustained car-free day. Launched in Gurgaon on November 17, 2013, the event closes 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) of major streets to automobiles every Sunday from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm and opens them up for recreational and community leisure activities.
Speaking about the success of the campaign and the event, Mr. Ravi Singh, Secretary General & CEO, WWF-India said, “Pedal for the Planet brings together people from all over Delhi NCR, who care and are concerned for our Earth. The enthusiasm we see at this event, year on year, is very encouraging and reinforces our belief that people are willing participants of change. If we come together as one large community, we can take positive action to help conserve the magnificent biodiversity of this world. The Give Up to Give Back initiative for Earth Hour 2018 is our effort to build conversations on sustainable consumption and the need for individuals, businesses and governments to adopt and inspire positive action for the planet.”
Mr. Anuj Mathur, Chief Executive Officer, Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance said," This is our 10th year of association with WWF-India for Earth Hour in Pedal/ Paidal for the Planet initiative and we stand fully committed to the cause. We at Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance encourage everyone in the organization to participate and do their bit to implement sustainable practices and make a positive impact on the planet. We recognize the importance of educating people and hence we keep doing awareness campaigns and employee volunteering activities to support the environment around the year. We are into the business of Life Insurance which is all about taking responsibility and protection; hence, it is essential for us to spread the message of choosing a healthy lifestyle."
Ms. Sarika Panda Bhatt,  Trustee Raahgiri Foundation and Lead, WRI India, said, “Cities emit 70% of global greenhouse gases out of which the transport sector contributes about a third of these emissions. In addition, vehicles emissions are a major source of air pollution in cities. Therefore, as India moves up the urbanization curve, it needs to make sure that walking, cycling and public transport form its backbone for sustainable urban development.“
While the Earth Hour campaign has consistently focussed on climate change as a key call to action over the last decade, the 2018-2020 global Earth Hour campaign broadbases the conversation beyond climate change and calls on people across the world to take action and understand the interconnectivity of people and our environment through relevant issues such as air, water, and energy.
About WWF-India and Earth Hour 
WWF-India is one of India’s leading conservation organizations with programmes and projects spread across the country. The organization works towards the conservation of biodiversity, natural habitats and the reduction of humanity’s ecological footprint. The mission of WWF-India is to stop the degradation of the earth's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.
Earth Hour is WWF’s global initiative and the largest environmental campaign in history where citizens around the world show their support for action on climate change by turning off non- essential lights for one hour, between 8:30pm-9:30pm. This year Earth Hour is scheduled for 24 March 2018 between 8:30pm and 9:30pm.  Being implemented in India since 2009, the Earth Hour campaign has inspired individuals, governments and corporations to move towards responsible consumption and conservation of energy. It has received unprecedented support, demonstrated by participation in over 150 towns and cities by several city governments, the armed forces, public and private sector companies, celebrities and individuals. The Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Prime Minister’s residence, residences of Chief Ministers and government buildings in every participating city have turned off lights every year, as a symbolic show of support.
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About Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited
Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited was launched in June 2008 and is jointly owned by two of India's largest public sector banks – Canara Bank (holding 51%) and Oriental Bank of Commerce (23%) – and HSBC Insurance (Asia Pacific) Holdings Limited (26%), the Asian insurance arm of one of the world's largest banking and financial services groups – HSBC.

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company is committed to more than just giving back to the society or community within which it operates and focuses on doing well by doing good.

The business of Life Insurance is all about social security and protection i.e. aimed at the well being of human beings and the society as a whole. One of the five core values of the Company is Corporate Citizenship which stresses the fact that businesses and markets are essentially aimed at the welfare of society and thus complement each other.

The Company focuses its efforts in following areas: financial inclusion (child education, women empowerment, skill development, capacity building for youth, women etc), environment (biodiversity/wildlife, natural resources and livelihoods) and sanitation.
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