Celebrated music composer, Shantanu Moitra to embark on a journey as WWF India’s Harmony and Hope Ambassador for Human-Wildlife Co-existence | WWF India

Celebrated music composer, Shantanu Moitra to embark on a journey as WWF India’s Harmony and Hope Ambassador for Human-Wildlife Co-existence

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23 June 2020
The musician-composer will help spread awareness about human-wildlife co-existence and the need for humans and animals to live harmoniously with each other
New Delhi: National award winning music composer Shantanu Moitra is known for his innovative soundtracks and his ability to create music for audiences over the years. For him music is not just entertainment, but is the language to understand the impact music has on life of people and nature. His love and zeal for exploring and comprehending the bountifulness of nature makes him an ideal person to be WWF India’s Ambassador for Harmony and Hope for Human-Wildlife Co-existence, lending his support and voice for the organisation’s work on managing human-wildlife interactions across the conservation landscapes in India. Through Moitra’s association with the cause, WWF India will highlight the stories of local communities who reside in forest fringe areas across the country and are stewards of conservation. Shantanu, through his association, will tell stories of positive stories of co-existence between people and wildlife in the country.
Talking about his association with WWF India, Shantanu Moitra said, “I have been always deeply drawn to the whimsical adventures to explore nature and its magnificence. I have extensively travelled through the Himalayas from the North to the North-East learning about people, their cultures, and their selfless devotion towards Mother Nature, which drew me further into knowing more. I am very excited to be part of WWF India as an ambassador for Harmony and Hope for Human-Wildlife Co-existence and tell these stories together.”
The current pandemic is a wakeup call for everyone to relearn and reset their relationship and commitment to the natural world and find the balance to create “a world in which humans live in harmony with nature.”  As clear demarcations of human and wildlife use areas are disappearing fast for various reasons, interactions between people and wildlife are turning negative often. People are losing life due to encounter with big cats or elephants, whereas wildlife is often killed in retaliation. This needs to be managed well, so that losses on both sides are reduced. WWF India has been working in various parts of the country by managing the interface to reduce the potential for conflict through local interventions, policy level planning, technological innovation and supporting government agencies in on-ground conflict management. Over the years, WWF India have expanded their work in the area of managing negative interactions between human and wildlife across eight landscapes covering  UT of J&K, UT of Ladakh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Kerala.
Expressing his views on the association Dr. Dipankar Ghose, Director, Wildlife and Habitats said, “We are thrilled to have Mr. Shantanu Moitra as WWF India’s Ambassador for Harmony and Hope, who will focus on Human-Wildlife Co-existence. We are thankful to him to lend his support to the cause that will engage, inspire, and mobilize people from all walks of life to join us in our effort to protect the natural world. We look forward to a great partnership with Mr. Moitra.”
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