Dr Sundarlal Bahuguna - In Memoriam

Posted on
23 May 2021

India has lost its nature saviour. A tireless champion for the environment, Dr. Bahuguna was a pioneer in advocating for forest protection and fighting against destructive development. His passing away is a huge loss and WWF India joins the entire nation to mourn Sundarlalji’s passing away.

But we should also celebrate his life. He was an inspiration to countless people and has impacted and nurtured many young minds to follow in his footsteps and conserve nature. He was equally passionate about social issues and also led movements on caste discrimination and women empowerment among others.

He has left behind a unique legacy of advocating for nature and society through Gandhian and humanitarian principles. WWF India pays homage to Sundralalji and urges everyone to take forward his message that humans need to live in harmony with nature as “Ecology is permanent Economy”.

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