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24 February 2010
WWF-India strengthens patrolling capacity of Panna Tiger Reserve with vehicles.

With the aim of strengthening tiger protection, WWF-India has supported Madhya Pradesh’s Panna Tiger Reserve with a four-wheeler and four motorcycles. The formal hand over ceremony happened on 26 Jan 2010, the 60th anniversary of India becoming a republic. The vehicles are expected to strengthen the monitoring capacity of the staff of the tiger reserve and thereby deter poachers. They will help observe the tigers which were recently translocated here. In addition, they will be used to oversee the process of re-population of Panna through future translocations.

The vehicles were received by Mr. Brijendra Pratap Singh, State Minster of Agriculture and Mr. Srinivas Murthy, Field Director of Panna Tiger Reserve, in the presence of Mr. Srikant Dubey, Member of Legislative Assembly of Madhya Pradesh, and Mr. Lokendra Singh, Ex Member of Parliament and founder member of Panna Tiger Reserve. Dr.Diwakar Sharma, Associate Director, Species Conservation programme, WWF-India, lead WWF-India’s delegation. 

Dr.Diwakar Sharma said, ‘‘The vehicles will help in the ongoing process of restoring the past glory of Panna Tiger Reserve.’’

WWF-India has supported Panna since 2003 when winter jackets were distributed among the staff. Since then, the support has included materials like wireless handsets, solar panels, remote surveillance systems apart from a tractor, truck and vehicles on the current occasion. WWF-India has also been closely working with authorities in providing education to kids of Pardhi tribe. The Pardhis are traditional hunters who are thought to be behind many poaching incidents in and around Panna Tiger Reserve in the recent past. Along with other support to Panna, rehabilitation of Pardhis into mainstream society is critical for the survival of wildlife not only in Panna but also many other parks across the nation.

Learn more on WWF-India’s initiatives to conserve the tiger in Central India:


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