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WWF-India provides assistance to Ladakh

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19 August 2010
WWF team is trying its best to ensure that mission which has been under taken is executed and the local population is rehabilitated back. At Choglamsar our work is in full swing.We have tied up with the Indian Army and they are regularly supplying water to various affected areas. The water supply pipes which have landed in Leh this morning have started working and are being used to supply water to those houses where tankers can not reach. 

Solar lights provided by WWF has proved beneficial to those who have no access to electricity. Yesterday WWF-Team visited a far off village Stakmo, where the community has been effected and have no electricity . WWF's solar unit for the whole village is functional and hence electricity is now available in this area 

 ITBP has established a medical aid center where the supply of medicines provided by WWF has ensured that the effected are getting the requisite medicines. 

 WWF is trying to build the morale of this shattered community. The team is providing all possible moral support and encouraging them to work towards having these communities re-establish themselves.

Tomorrow our team plans to visit Sumdo, a village close to Tsomoriri where it is reported that the damage has been extensive and the villagers are forced to camp on a hill top. Due to bad condition of road, no one has reached there yet. The team will be carrying sufficient food supply for all the villagers and will also be distributing solar lights.

At Choglamsar WWF have started a detailed damage assessment on a specific format, damage to each family is being listed in detail.

12 August 2010
WWF-India has been working closely with district administration of Ladakh to help in rehabilitation; the Ladakh administration has identified a hamlet south Choglamsar -one of the most effected areas- as a point of coordination for WWF India. Situated about 10 kilometers from Leh town, this village has been severely affected - besides loss of life, there has been irreparable damage to infrastructure, agriculture and housing settlements. Our field camp has been established in the village and the team is working full time.

A five member team from WWF-India is already positioned at Leh . This team has been working in Ladakh on various conservation initiatives that WWF-India has been working on for the past 15 years in this area. They are thus well versed with the communities,area, and topography of the region and hence are adept in providing necessary logistical and operational support in this task.

As per the feedback send by our team the requirement for rehabilitating the community would be tents, blankets, water filters with candles, sanitation kits,kitchen sets, dry and wet rations, chocolates ,jaggery, ready to eat foods and building and digging implements. 

We thank all those who have contributed in providing relief material which have already been distributed amongst the needy.

We request contributions of the requisite material. Please note all material should be provided in reasonable quantities and should be fresh and unused. We are not calling for financial contributions for this initiative.

For further enquires please contact:
Lt Col Sanjiv Singh Rana, Director Operations 
172/B-Lodhi Estate
New Delhi-3
Ph-: 011-41504802
e-mail: srana@wwfindia.net


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