Wildlife Week-2010 By M.P. & Chhattisgarh State Office

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19 October 2010
To learn about wildlife & to expand awareness for wildlife & nature conservation, Wildlife Week is celebrated from 1st to 7th Oct. every year. Environmental Education, Awareness and Training plays a significant role in encouraging and enhancing people's participation in activities aimed at conservation, protection and management of the environment. To achieve the above objectives, WWF-India in collaboration with Van Vihar National Park conducted several activities and programmes during Wildlife Week which includes Painting competition, debate competition, photography workshop, essay competition, quiz competition, street plays, media workshop, teacher’s workshop, creativity workshop for specially challenged children and for children from slum area & bird watching camp, kids’ fancy dress competition etc.

The Quiz competition on the 2nd Oct 2010 was a part of WWF-India Bhopal’s activity, conducted for various school students of Bhopal on forest, wildlife & nature. The main objective of the programme was to motivate youngsters with respect to biodiversity conservation. About 10 teams from various schools of Bhopal attended the quiz. Kopal High School, Carmel Ratanpur, and Scholar’s Home Public School were the winners of the quiz.

Next programme was an inter- school debate competition held on 4th Oct 2010. The topic for the debate was ‘Development is possible with Conservation’. The competition was attended by 21 students. Scholar’s Home Public School was the winner in support of the topic and Radhakrishnan School won for putting its views against the topic. This trend is followed by Sharda Vidya Mandir and Carmel Convent Ratanpur. The judges also put some light on the topic at the end of the competition.

On 4th Oct. 2010, a media workshop was organized by Van Vihar and the State Director attended the workshop and interacted with media and representative of some NGOs. She also put forth her views on the role of NGO & media in wildlife conservation.

On 5th Oct 2010 the debate competition for college students was held. More than ten colleges participated. The topic for this event was ‘Relocation of the villages from the National Parks is essential for wildlife conservation’. BSS college of Engineering and IES college of Engineering gave their best performance and won the first position.

On 6th Oct 2010 the Teachers debate competition was held. The topic was,’ increasing tourism is detrimental to wildlife conservation’. For the topic they were supposed to deal with and reflect upon issues related to national park tourism, ill effects of extra load on the conservation area due to tourism and put some light on sustainable tourism. As per the judges, to judge the debate was a challenge for them as everyone supported their topics well. The State Director Sangita Saxena also shared her views along with judges. Carmel Convent, Ratanpur (in support of topic) and Sant Hridayram, College (against the topic) won the first position.

In the closing ceremony, certificates & prizes were distributed and the participant took an oath to boost their commitment to nature. All the winners were given the trophies on the last day of the Programme by Mr. Rameshwar Thakur the honorable Governor of the State. The Forest Minister Mr. Sartaj Singh was also present and he solicited the co-operation of the people for protection of wildlife.

At large students from schools/colleges their parents & general public were present during wildlife week programme. Environment Education is a lifelong process beginning at the pre-school level and continuing through all stages.


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