Panda, May - August 2010

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10 September 2010
WWF-India has had a long association with Ladakh and Bharatpur. Both regions have been identifi ed as hot spots for biodiversity conservation which, for the past few years have been facing serious habitat loss. The last few months saw, WWF-India working closely with government agencies and other bodies to revive these two regions. Though relief and rehabilitation is not WWF’s area of expertise, it went the extra mile to help Ladakh when the area was struck by cloud burst leading to loss of life and property. The goodwill generated amongst the local communities will defi nitely go a long way in ensuring local support for our conservation work.

Similarly, at the Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur, the organisation worked closely with government bodies in bringing water back to the park after a long period of drought thus bestowing a fresh chance for the Park to revive itself to welcome its international avian visitors this winter. As this issue goes in for print, the news of a male tiger having found sanctuary in the Park after a long and turbulent journey from Ranthambore clearly indicates that the Park is on the road to revival.


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