Regional Policy Action Platform on Climate Change (RPAPCC): Policy Paper

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24 July 2012
Climate change can be viewed as one of the most critical environmental problems to confront us as it is most immediately and inextricably linked to wellbeing, development and economic growth. Thus the solutions to it cannot be left to the confines of the environment but needs to seek clarity and consolidate its response relating the agendas and interests of the multiple constituencies.

Recognising the need for a coordinated proactive response to climate change, WWF-India has developed the concept of “Talking Solutions”, which is a process that builds a consolidated understanding, informing a strategic response from among the various key constituencies. As a part of this initiative, a Regional Policy Action Platform on Climate Change (RPAPCC) was formed in the state of West Bengal, India.

Papers in this series are:
1. Climate change adaptation in flood plains of West Bengal
2. Climate change adaptation in coastal region of West Bengal
3. Climate change adaptation in arid region of West Bengal
4. Kolkata and climate change


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