Campaigns, Awareness programmes and workshops mark WED in Bhopal

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06 June 2013
To mark World Environment Day, WWF-India, MP&CG state office in collaboration with MP Biodiversity Board organised a series of events starting from 1st June 2013. The events based on the theme ‘Think, Eat and Save’. By these events we aim at spreading awareness and sensitizing masses towards curtailment of food wastage and the need to promote judicious usage of food resources at global as well as household levels.

The WED celebrations started on June 1, 2013 with Anti – Polythene campaign at Bittan Market, Bhopal. Around 200 cloth bags were distributed to people and shopkeepers at the market to spread the message of clean and green environment. The state office staff along with 11 interns interacted with public and told them about the adverse effect of polythene on environment. And asked them to take a pledge to not to use polythene in future.

On June 3, 2013 an awareness campaign was organised at the MP Tourism Rainbow Treat, near Shahpura Lake, Bhopal from 18:30 onwards. The whole programme was organised to involve the youth who are the future of our country and to make them aware about the increasing pollution levels and various ways to counter this issue. A Rock Band performance followed by a street play based on the environmental theme was organised. Ajay Mishra, Sr. Admin. Officer informed the public gathered there about the importance of WED. The programme was followed by an open Environmental Quiz hosted by RJ from 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi. Whilst these events were carried out the interns did the Signature Campaign and asked everyone to sign the board and pledge to take care of environment from now onwards. Around 50 volunteers and interns of WWF-India participated in the awareness programme which was witnessed by hundreds of people. A group of senior citizens of nearby colony participated in the event by playing flute and songs. The programme was very well appreciated by all.

Finally the series of events was concluded on June 5, 2013 with the workshop based on the theme ‘Think.Eat.Save’ at EPCO Auditorium, Bhopal from 10.30 am to 6.00 pm. There were about 120 participants from College of Excellence, IES college, LNCT college, MANIT, trainees from CAIE, Interns from Nirma University and teachers from PGBT, Bhopal.

The workshop started with a welcome address by Sangita Saxena, State Director. She briefed the participants about climate change and the importance of WED theme 2013. She explained how wastage of food is harming us not only economically but also environmentally as rotten food releases methane gas which is one of the most harmful GHG. She also told them about the projects of the state office especially the one on Education for Sustainable Development.
On this occasion books and a DVD on ESD were also released by the chief guest and the guest of honour.

The Guest of Honour Mr. R. G. Soni, Member Secretary MP Biodiversity Board, said, “sensitizing 100 college students & teachers would have multiplier effect as it reaches to 1000s of people”. He asked everyone to plant a tree every year and takes care of it. He also praised WWF-India for releasing ESD books which will be very beneficial for educators.

The Chief Guest Mr. Iqbal Singh Bains, Director General, EPCO said “we should shift our views to optimism, so that tomorrow can be a better day”. He also said “rather than blaming anybody else, we should look in ourselves and; the youth should take the responsibility to build a better earth under the guidance and support of elders”. He also said that these types of activities and thinking should not be limited to only one day but we need to work and take care of the environment daily. He also congratulated WWF-India for releasing the books on ESD.

The other speakers for the workshop were Dr. Vipin Vyas, Professor, Limnology Department Barkatullah University Bhopal. He addressed the topic “Foot prints of your Food” especially in context with water footprint. He spoke about food security and how to calculate water footprint by giving different examples. It was a very interesting session and made participants to think about water conservation.

The second speaker was Dr. Shankar Patidar, Physician & member Gayatri Pariwar, Bhopal. He spoke on the slogan “Go Green” and told the participants how Gayatri Shaktipeth organises more than 300 ideal marriages every year where there is no food wastage.

The next speaker Mr. Ajay Dubey, environmentalist spoke about “Role of youth in environment protection”. Energetic and enthusiastic Mr. Dubey motivated the youth to take part in environment protection. He told them the importance of asking question in democracy. Told them about the environmental laws, the impact of environmental issues on poverty, malnutrition and other issues related to society. He also talks about the importance of values in education.

Next speaker was Dr. Sandip Gangil, Principal Scientist, CIAE, Bhopal spoke about “Saving of Energy and Environment using Conservation Agriculture”. He also spoke about zero budget farming.

Last but not the least the last session was open forum where participants had a chance to express their views. It was so interesting that the programme extended till 6.30 in the evening. All the sessions were very enlightening and highly interactive. At the end the participants took pledge to take care of environment and not waste food.


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