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Sustainable Palm Oil Coalition for India launched to drive India’s sustainable palm oil market

As the largest consumer and importer of palm oil, globally, India has the potential to play a significant role in driving sustainable practices in ...

16 Oct 2018 Read more »

A Partnership towards sustainable tuna fishing

The clear waters of the Arabian Sea lend Lakshadweep Islands its unending charm. The waters also provide a source of livelihood to communities living ...

10 Oct 2018 Read more »

6th WWF Climate Solver India Awards recognize SMEs with the potential to together reduce GHG emissions by 40mn tonnes

Two Indian SMEs with innovative cleantech solutions were awarded the winners of the sixth edition of WWF-India’s Climate Solver Awards held on 8th ...

09 Oct 2018 Read more »

Uttar Pradesh to Develop Conservation Plans for Eight Rivers in the State

“The treasure of our nation does not lie in its monetary resources, but in its natural resources - the land and rivers that flow through them. The ...

05 Oct 2018 Read more »

‘Claw Net’ and ‘Wildlife Guru’- New Innovative Solutions Developed at Zoohackathon, New Delhi to End Wildlife Trafficking

Zoohackathon, a two-day technology-based challenge to help find solutions to curb wildlife trafficking, culminated yesterday in New Delhi.

24 Sep 2018 Read more »
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