Did you know?

An earthworm has five pairs of heart-like organs that pump blood throughout its body?
A porcupine has teeth that never stop growing?
Both the world’s tallest and smallest cranes, the Sarus and Demoiselle crane species are found in India?

Want to know more?  Let our nature experts help YOU discover more of Nature’s fascinating secrets! Get your feet muddy, your hands dirty and your lenses ready for WWF-India’s all new nature experiences! You can go on nature trails, bird watching treks, photography walks, trips to wildlife parks, cool conservationist workshops - all with the best minds at WWF and in the field.


Birding sessions, Tree walks, Monsoon walks, frog fests, trips to wildlife parks, turtle releases, jungle safaris and lots more!

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Nature Explorer Programme

Spark Something New in You!

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WWF India’s Environment Education initiative- Nature Explorer Programme (NEP) is a unique network of budding nature enthusiasts of the age group 6-18 Years across India and encourages the participants who have a keen interest in birds and nature, to create groups, conduct trails and develop research studies under the mentorship of WWF India experts. The programme aims to create awareness and provide a platform that will motivate young minds to find solutions not just as individuals but together as a community too and live as true naturalists.

Want to become an NEP Participant?

Here’s how-

All you have to do is buy the NEP handbook and get yourself registered for the NEP group/community.

The NEP handbook, “Birds in your Backyard” is just for Rs 299!

This interesting book takes the readers on a magical journey to the world of birds, giving an amazing avian experience. Designed for beginners who have a knack for birding, this fun activity book helps one to learn, explore and get closer to our feathered friends and even become an educator for their friends and peers!

Isn’t it exciting!?

Well, not just this….
Get a chance to get featured with NEP’s Newsletters!

What could you do as an NEP participant?

  • Successfully create a young birder’s group in your locality or school.
  • Successfully conduct a nature trail in your locality or school.
  • Learn to do your own research study and be mentored.
  • All this under the mentorship of WWF experts!

You can even learn to become a mentor!!

And there’s more!
Every month get a chance to get featured on our Page!

Coming soon...

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