Community support amidst crisis: Supporting the kharavas in veraval | WWF India

Veraval is a prominent trawling and landing site in Gujarat where the “Kharavas”, a fishing community reside. The livelihood of the people here is closely tied to natural resources, with most of them being employed either on fishing boats or in fish processing units. WWF India has been working with the Kharavas since 2018 to help document the presence of sharks in the region and identify solutions for trawl by-catch.

The ongoing global pandemic has put these families under immense hardship and WWF India stands by the ‘Kharavas’ to help them cope in these difficult times.


To marginally ease the situation, WWF India has been working with the Sagar Manthan Machhimar Utthan Mandal Cooperative Society with focus on distributing food staples. 1200 food kits have so far been provided to needy fishermen families. A basic kit includes essential items, such as 4 Kg Rice, 1 Kg Sugar, 1 Kg Channa, 1 Kg Lentils, 700 ml Cooking Oil, 1 Kg Potato, 1 Kg Onion, 100 gm Tea Powder.

These communities are struggling to survive everyday and more challenges lie ahead. We’re doing our bit to show support, it’s time to show yours!

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