The first ever privately owned and operated wildlife sanctuary in Uttarakhand, Jabarkhet Nature Reserve is not only home and pitstop to a surprising assortment of wildlife but, is also exemplar of the promise and potential of conservation.

“When we started restoring the area that is now Jabarkhet Nature Reserve, we were confronted with mountains of trash. Years of neglect had meant that people used the place as a picnic, drinking and dumping ground and the hillsides were covered in broken glass, plastic, styrofoam, chip packets, cans and other detritus.”

“As part of the restoration process, we removed over 500 kg of rubbish from the trails and slopes. Today, nature walkers encounter zero trash and the trails are strewn with rhododendron flowers, pine cones, fallen leaves and other natural vegetation. We have also had no problem in convincing walkers to keep the trails clean and pristine.”

Photos and description: Dr. Sejal Worah, WWF-India

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