When Pandas take to the field (and in this case a football pitch!) you see the values that drive us as an organization – grit, passion and team-spirit!

It’s a goaaaaaal!

Recently, at the WWF-India secretariat, there was a match between Red Panda’s, Flamingo’s, Tragopans, Hammerheads, Vipers and the Black Panda’s, all driven by their desire to score and win! The idea in itself is intriguing and exciting, as they came face to face, giving it their all to win and lift the Panda cup!

This was an event that they had trained for, planned for, devised strategies and tactics for. Brimming with energy, about a 100 players and team supporters came together for a carnival of color and spirit. Diverse as their jerseys were, there was oneness and someone jibed in jest – “No matter what, a Panda is definitely going to win the cup!’’

The game demanded skill, speed, stamina, strength and most importantly, the spirit of teams playing together. The Pandas gave it their all. It was exhilarating to see the passion and synchronized action in the field. 

As we all learnt a little bit more about each other and our respective skills on the field, some shining stars emerged – from some fantastic female players to those who kicked the ball for the first time in 30 years! Some won and some lost, but the Panda Cup reached it’s true home!

For Vishwajeet Singh, the Captain of the winning ‘Flamingoes’ team, ‘’The tournament was about our organizational spirit – not winning and losing! Having the entire WWF-India family come together, whether to play or to cheer, made the entire day worthwhile and I hope we can have more of these tournaments in the future!’’ 

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