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A Tale of Two Rhinos

A photo feature on the movement of two rhinos, which went out of Kaziranga National Park to avoid the floods.

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A Tale of Two Rhinos

© Dilawar Hussain/LBCS © Dilawar Hussain/LBCS © P. J. Bora/WWF-India © Abdul Sadak/WWF-India © P.J. Bora/WWF-India © P.J. Bora/WWF-India
Due to the recent devastating floods in the northeast Indian state of Assam, a number of rhinos are reported to have moved out of the Kaziranga National Park (KNP) in various directions. During this period, two such rhinos, which strayed out, were located on the eastern fringe of Laokhowa and Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuaries (WLS) under Nagaon Wildlife Division.

Of the two stray rhinos, the first rhino was spotted early morning of 28th June 2012 in the Bhurbandha area and the second rhino was spotted early morning of 1st July 2012 within three km from the first location. The Nagaon Widlife Division deputed its staff in two groups to monitor the rhinos in the respective locations.

On 30th July, the second rhino turned back and moved about three km in a northeast direction towards the 6th addition of the KNP (near the Kalia Bhumora Bridge), thereby moving back into the National Park. According to latest reports from the field, there has been no evidence of the first rhino since 2nd July. It is thought that the second rhino is also moving back towards KNP and efforts are on to confirm the same.

Apart from efforts of the Assam Forest Department and WWF-India, the Nagoan Forest Division (Territorial), LBCS (Laokhowa Burachapori Conservation Society), the police department and the local communities have also helped a lot in the continuous monitoring of the stray rhinos.
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