Our global vision is to create a safe and sustainable future for people, places and species, in an equitable low-carbon society that is resilient to climate change.

To work towards the vision, WWF-India promotes approaches to climate resilience that are science-based, scalable and have policy relevance for a larger impact. The global vision translates for India to become a country where low carbon growth is mainstreamed into development planning and practices at the state and national level, and energy supply from renewable sources is increased.

About Climate Change and Energy

Climate change has become an issue of grave concern globally, especially in the developing world. South Asian countries including India are particularly vulnerable to repercussions of climate change. India has reasons to be concerned about climate change because its large population depends on climate sensitive sectors such as agriculture and forestry for its livelihood. Read more..

Our Work

WWF-India’s work on climate change and energy focuses on the following broad areas:
  • Low Carbon Development Framework
  • Renewable Energy At Scale
  • Climate Innovations
  • Communications & Outreach

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