WWF India’s work for Tiger Conservation

WWF India’s work for tiger conservation aims to maintain and restore tiger habitats and critical corridors while protecting the tigers and its prey in the tiger landscapes within India, eventually leading to an increase and stabilisation in tiger populations across the country.

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conservation issues

Habitat Degradation, fragmentation of corridors, poaching and human tiger conflict are threats to tigers in India. 

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About Tigers

The tiger is a powerful icon of India’s cultural and natural heritage, and its survival has been a top priority for WWF-India since it was founded.

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where we work

WWF-India currently works for tiger conservation in seven tiger landscapes

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© Ola Jennersten/WWF-Sweden
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Why save tigers?

The tiger is a unique animal which plays a pivotal role in the health and diversity of an ecosystem.

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what you can do?

Here are some practical steps you can take to help save the tiger.

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