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Eco Trails

Join us in a movement to nurture young custodians of the environment and build a future where humans live in harmony with nature.

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WWF-India’s ‘Eco Trails’ is an environment education tool that brings students and citizens closer to nature. It is a specially designed programme that aims to develop consciousness, admiration, knowledge, and responsibility towards the environment among students and the community at large. It’s a great visual experience too and helps them connect to nature!

EcoTrails not only provides a visual experience, but also helps create awareness about the local environment issues, and proactively look for solutions for a greener living.


We at WWF-India believe that children have an innate ability to bond with, and learn from the environment. If nurtured with care, this leads them towards the practice of environmental-friendly habits and ecological literacy.

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WWF-India has designed EcoTrails as an initiative for children to learn and enjoy their interaction with nature.

EcoTrails aims to:

  1. Provide a platform for children to explore nature
  2. Give first-hand experience to touch and feel the flora and fauna
  3. Grow into environmentally conscious citizens.

Trails are guided tours for students and residents. They are ideal for bird-watching, enjoying nature photography, outdoor learning and relishing some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Recreational trails are a valuable community asset too. They promote an active lifestyle, peaceful coexistence with our surroundings, and environmental awareness.


WWF-India’s workshops provide a plethora of inspirational and authentic information on ecological literacy. The workshops will connect you with nature through interactive sessions conducted by enthusiasts and experts in environment.


WWF-India is keen on collaborating with schools in conducting trails and workshops especially for their students. Schools are requested to get in touch with us at or they can call us at +011-41504790.


Young Birders’ Forum (YBF): a program for young people (Ages 8-18) in Delhi NCR. WWF- India’s YBF is an initiative to strengthen a network of young people who share an interest in birds and nature. This platform has been created for the young to learn about the several birds found in their own city and in the Indian subcontinent. Greater awareness about the various threats that birds are subjected to would motivate them to find ways and means in their individual capacity, and as a community to help the local birds sustain and thrive. Our vision for YBF is to become a model for youth birding programs across the country.

Annual Membership of Young Birders’ Forum INR 699/-

The annual membership for Young Birders’ Forum includes:
• 1 complimentary EcoTrail :
• 1 complimentary WWF Workshop:
• 30% discount on the next 2 EcoTrails (with each Ecotrail @ INR 299):
• 30% discount on the next 2 WWF Workshops (with each Workshop @ INR 250