TRAFFIC’s Super Sniffers

SUPER SNIFFERS: A short film about TRAFFIC’s wildlife dog training programme in India (8.5 minutes)

TRAFFIC’s film on their sniffer dog training programme in India captures the journey of a sniffer dog from the day it is enrolled into the training till its deployment. The film gives an overview of the illegal wildlife trade in India and the threat it poses to the endangered wildlife. It also highlights the important role that sniffer dogs play in combating wildlife crimes and the need to use the dog squads for patrolling and conducting seizures and arrests.
The film has been shot and directed by eminent wildlife filmmaker Mr Himanshu Malhotra and produced by TRAFFIC with support from WWF-India. The film encapsulates the experiences of dog trainers and handlers involved in the sniffer dog training programme and part of the dog squads deployed in the field.