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How can you help?

1. Do not buy illegal wildlife products, souvenirs or any other such items. Illegal wildlife trade threatens the survival of many species. You might be violating the law and also endangering wildlife. Also discourage your friends and family from doing so.

2. If you come across any information on illegal wildlife trade, you may please contact the following:
  • Local forest or police official
  • Customs at airports, seaports and other international transit points
  • Regional offices of the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau at:
                New Delhi: 011-23384556
                Mumbai: 022-26828184
                Kolkata: 033-22878698
                Chennai: 044-24916747
                Amritsar: 0183-2588383
                Guwahati: 0361-2522709
                Cochin: 0484-2428706
                Jabalpur: 0761-2840689
                TRAFFIC India: 011-41504786

3. Support wildlife conservation projects. You can make a donation at http://support.wwfindia.org/   or at http://www.traffic.org/donate/  
Donate to WWF

Your support will help us build a future where humans live in harmony with nature.