Finalists of the Small Grants Program for the Second Round (Dec 2010)

WWF-India is pleased to announce the finalists of the Small Grants Program. We look forward to working with them and enhancing our conservation efforts.
  1. Dr. Manchi Shirish S. - Reassessment of the impact of nest collection on the Edible-nest Swiftlet in the Andaman Islands

  2. Mrigakhi Borah - Study of population status, feeding behaviour and conservation threats of northern pig tailed macaque (macaca leonina) in Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam

  3. Jongpong Chiten - Community engagement in conservation of Amur Falcon in Nagaland

  4. Prachi Mehta - Status and Distribution Survey of Malabar Giant Squirrel in Northern Western Ghats of Maharashtra
Applicants who have not been selected in this round, are welcome to submit revised proposals for the next one. The deadline for receiving the third round of applications is 31st October 2011.
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