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You might remember having added Rs. 10/- or more to your bill for WWF-India at Woodland at an earlier time – this was the Lights4Stripes campaign jointly run across 450 Woodland stores across India in 2014.

Lights4Stripes was WWF-India’s crowd-funding campaign launched during our global campaign, Earth Hour in 2014 to raise funds to install 25 solar lights along the forest fringe in the Sundarbans. It had been found that installing lights along these areas deters tigers from straying into the villages at the forest edge – protecting both villagers from possible tiger attacks, and straying tigers from attacks by scared villagers. 

Woodland customers were asked to lend their support to Earth Hour by adding Rs.10 (or more) to their bill towards the Lights4Stripes campaign or by buying special limited edition Earth Hour merchandise – T-shirts and candles. All Woodland stores also have been switching off non-essential lights during Earth Hour every year since 2014 in support of the campaign.

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Adopt A Tree  

In 2015, Woodland joined our Adopt A Tree campaign to encourage citizens to plant tree saplings in their locality and care for them. Free saplings were made available at Woodland stores across Delhi for customers to “adopt” – along with instructions and “adoption forms” for them to pledge to look after their sapling.

Adopt A Tree is our annual campaign to encourage individuals, corporates and organizations to plant and nurture as many trees as possible by providing saplings free of cost as well as information on the benefits of trees and ways to care for them.

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