The Youth for Nature Conservation Programme is an immersive youth-led leadership initiative aimed at empowering young minds who will spread the message about the urgency of climate action and nature conservation efforts.


The robust four-to-six-week programme will help participants build essential 21st-century skills to address growing environmental crises.

The programme will promote:
1. Critical thinking
2. Increase climate change literacy
3. Communicate crucial conservation issues
4. Effectively design and implement projects

Further, we aim for participants to advance their learning outside the classroom and prepare for real-world experiences.

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This is your chance to become agents of change and translate your learnings into actions that will foster a sustainable future. WWF works along multiple avenues to address environmental issues, such as through nature conservation, sustainable agriculture and spatial and urban planning. Through this programme, you can understand why it’s essential to meet energy security objectives, how sustainable agriculture shapes cotton production in Maharashtra, which species are in critical danger and much more! It is time for young people to learn, educate and usher in a wave of changes by speaking up for environmental action!


The youth are the backbone of our nation. They are crucial in building a safer and healthier future for all. At present, we are witnessing the natural world changing rapidly around us. It is time for young minds to lead and become nature warriors calling for progressive environmental actions. The Youth for Nature Conservation Programme is a platform for committed and outstanding college students who want to address critical environmental issues in India. The programme is shaped to provide a space to delve into the world of nature conservation and learn about the complex problem of our changing climate and declining biodiversity. Additionally, the programme will allow one to generate mass awareness among their circle of influence and peer groups to promote the need to save our diverse yet declining natural world – home to various wild animals and critical ecosystems and people who depend on it most. Another critical aspect of the programme is to equip participants with specially designed participatory leadership modules that will benefit them in the future. Participants will use these skills to reach out to a broader audience and help raise vital funds for WWF India’s conservation efforts.



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For further information: You can write to us at You can also call/WhatsApp Ms Moitrayee Sarkar (+91 7980589947) or Ms Aakarsha Handa (+91 9711325899)

Let us hear from some of our Young Conservationists from the previous year’s batch!

Yuvraj Rana, a 17-year-old Young Conservationist from the Lotus Valley International School, Gurgaon.

“Whenever we think of time traveling into the past, we are worried that we may bring about a small change that will have unknown ripple effects for our present. My experience during WWF India’s Young Conservationist Programme was a major reminder of our capability to bring about a change in our lives and the overall world too if we act now. A small change today, by the same reasoning, may have huge impacts for a better sustainable future. The programme taught me skills that will surely help me throughout my entire life. I worked on my leadership skills while working in groups that helped me to know the importance of teamwork. Not only that, the programme helped me to improve my negotiation and communication skills to great lengths. These skills helped me to approach a diverse set of people and start conversations about the need to conserve our fast-depleting natural world. My biggest learning experience was to be able to bring onboard individuals as donors by fundraising for WWF India’s various conservation efforts through effective story-telling skills that I learned through the programme! Thanks to WWF India YCP 2.0, I can now call myself a fundraiser at the age of just 17. If you get to be a part of this programme, it will surely be a life-changing experience for you!”

Aveesha Gandhi is from the Shri Ram School, Aravali, joined the YCP in 2019 when she was in just grade XI.

“My experience during WWF India’s Young Conservationist Programme was simply wonderful! It was truly an engaging customized leadership programme that equipped me with many skills. I picked up on the nuances of volunteering and key tricks and tips on fundraising too. Not only did I raise funds for WWF India’but also build awareness among my friends, neighbors, and the entire family about a cause that is very close to my heart. Through the YCP training modules, I learned the importance of being a much more responsible individual who brings behavioral change in people when it comes to leading a sustainable lifestyle. The entire programme helped me to develop my ability to be a young leader who got hands-on experience of going from door-to-door in my neighborhood explaining the need to conserve our country’s natural resources and protect communities who depend on it the most.”