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Factsheet- Red Sanders cover

A new factsheet highlights emerging threats to the species 

To highlight the threat to Red Sanders Pterocarpus santalinus from illegal wildlife trade, TRAFFIC and WWF-India have released a new factsheet.
“Red Sanders is reported to be one of India’s most exploited tree species and is under severe pressure from illegal logging and harvesting. Its heartwood is in demand in both domestic and international markets and is used to make furniture and handicrafts, while the red dye obtained from the wood is used as a colouring agent in textiles and medicines. Rampant illegal logging has been reported across its range state,” says Dr Merwyn Fernandes, Coordinator of TRAFFIC’s India Office.
As a native species to Andhra Pradesh, Red Sanders (also known as Red Sandalwood) use and trade are regulated by the State. Following the amendment to the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 in December 2022, Red Sanders is now listed in Schedule IV. Under the foreign trade policy of India, the import of Red Sanders is prohibited, while export is restricted. Despite the regulation and legal protection, illegal logging and timber extraction remains major conservation concern for the species.
The newly released communique titled “RED SANDERS: Factsheet on India’s Red Sanders in illegal wildlife trade”  provides information about the species, interesting facts, legal status and threats from the illegal wildlife trade. It will be helpful for educators, policymakers, researchers, media personnel, and the general public who want to learn about the conservation of Red Sanders in India.
Download TRAFFIC and WWF-India’s latest publication- “RED SANDERS: Factsheet on India’s Red Sanders in illegal wildlife trade” here.

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Factsheet- Red Sanders cover
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