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WWF-India release the Jungle Gang Film series

Posted on 26 July 2012   |  
The Jungle Gang being released
© Anil Cherukupalli
The Jungle Gang film series was released on 24th July in Dehradun by Dr. R. B. S. Rawat, PCCF, Uttarakhand Forest Department in the presence of Mr. Chandra Singh Gwal, Director Education, Government of Uttarakhand , Mr. Samir Sinha, CF, Uttarakhand Forest Department, Mrs. Gunmeet Bindra, Principal, Welham Boys High School, and eminent filmmaker and producer of the series Mr. Krishhnendu Bose at a special event organized by WWF-India’s Dehradun Programmer office at the Welham Boys School, Dehradun.

The Jungle Gang is the first Indian wildlife film series that has been made exclusively for children and young adults. The mission of the film series is to expose them to the diverse wild flora and fauna of India and encourage them to actively participate in wildlife conservation.

The film has three animated animal characters – Bo- the Bar Headed Goose, Kuttu- the Slender Loris and Bhoora- the Blackbuck. These three friends bring the flavour of three different habitats of India. They travel together to different parts of the country and seek out the threatened animals to tell about their habitats, threats and conservations efforts, which have saved them from extinction.

The animals they meet are the Indian one horned rhino, the tiger, the elephant and the sloth bear. The film series is a mix of animation and live action wildlife footage. Each film in the series is about 15 mins in length and has been dubbed into Assamese, Hindi and Tamil to reach out to a wider audience. The series has been created by Earthcare Films of Mr. Krishnendu Bose and financially supported by WWF-India.

During the release event the guests was welcomed by Dr. Harish Guleria, Head, Terai Arc Landscape, WWF-India. Dr. Dipankar Ghose, Director, Species and Landscapes programme, WWF-India talked about how the Jungle Gang films would help in spreading the message of conservation.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest, Dr. R. B. S. Rawat said, “It is very important to reach out and educate the next generation about the importance of wildlife conservation. I congratulate the filmmaker and WWF-India for making such a special series using the powerful medium of film to target children.”

The Special Guest, Mr. Chandra Singh Gwal added, “I’m particularly happy that the film series has been dubbed into languages like Hindi, Tamil and Assamese as this will really help the film series find a large audience. We need more films like these to ensure that the message of conservation is spread far and wide and I hope that more schools in Dehradun get to see these films.”

Following the release, the tiger and elephant films in the series were screened to the guests and school children in the audience. The filmmaker, Mr. Krishnendu Bose, then took part in an interactive session with the children in the audience and shared his experiences and the challenges in making the film series. He also answered many questions posed by inquisitive and enthusiastic children wanting to know more about wildlife and conservation.

School children of Welham Girls, GGIC, RIMC, Welham Boys, DPS, Raja Ram Mohan Rai , Doon University participated in the event. In addition to participation from different schools, various local institutions and ngo’s participated in the release event. More than 200 people participated in the event.

The Jungle Gang Series release event was coordinated by WWF-India Dehradun Programme Office through Dr. Jatinder Kaur and team comprising Prashant Gaur, Narshima Rajan and Interns from Doon University.

The DVDs of the film series are available from WWF-India.

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The Jungle Gang being released
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The audience watching one of the films in the Jungle Gang series
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School children interacting with the filmmaker after the screening
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