DDA and WWF-India to conduct the first ‘Sanjay Van Bird Festival’

Posted on 03 March 2023
Sanjay Van, New Delhi
© Nikhil John/WWF-India
The bird festival will be held on 5th March 2023 (Sunday) at Sanjay Van, New Delhi

Interactive activities, nature trails, workshops will be part of the festival to highlight Delhi’s bird diversity.

People can register at bit.ly/SanjayVanBirdFestival to attend the bird festival.
New Delhi, 3rd March 2023: Delhi is the second most bird-rich capital city in the world.  Home to a staggering diversity of resident bird species, the bustling metropolis also welcomes winter and summer visitors and passage migrants who stop by on their incredible journeys. What’s more? Sanjay Van, a reserve forest in the heart of Delhi, supports 200+ species of birds.
WWF-India has curated the Sanjay Van Bird Festival as a series of events, experiences and an exhibition for the people of Delhi to experience and celebrate birds in our city. This is an extended commemoration of World Wildlife Day (3rd March 2023)
Mr. Peush Kumar, Deputy Director (Landscapes), DDA, said: "The strategic partnership between DDA and WWF India has gone a long way in imparting nature-based education amongst citizens and inculcating an understanding of the environment. DDA hopes that the number of initiatives being undertaken shall continue to bear fruit. We are committed to nurturing this relationship and facilitating connections between humans and nature. We have a lot to learn from birds - patience, resilience, resourcefulness, teamwork, perseverance, adaptability, vigilance and creativity. The Sanjay Van Bird Festival is an endeavour to 'Work with Nature, rather than against it…'. We successfully held a Moth Festival, Dragonfly Festival, as well as numerous nature trails on flora & fauna with experts in the Sanjay Van Forest.”
The event will be attended by officials from the DDA, WWF-India and people in Delhi at large.
Mr. Karan Bhalla, COO, WWF-India said: DDA and WWF-India have joined hands to create a hub for 'Learning with Nature' within the heart of the city, at Sanjay Van. This valued partnership exists to cultivate a learning and appreciation of nature, within our immediate urban environment. It offers the residents of Delhi a unique platform to value Delhi’s biodiversity and to be involved in its protection. With 200+ bird species at Sanjay Van; to witness it will be an enriching journey involving the city’s residents of all ages in knowing and protecting the wonderful natural habitats in our midst.”
What can you expect at the Sanjay Van Bird Festival 2023: 
1. Nature trails – Experts will be leading bird walks for our participants, these will take place in multiple groups and simultaneously across Sanjay Van. We will have a chance to spot resident as well as migratory species.
2. Bird-based arts & crafts – There will be stalls set up with artists guiding participants to express their admiration for birds in innovative ways, from origami to stone painting and body art.
3. Interactive multimedia exhibits & games – Participants will learn about birds through interactive multimedia related to birds from different Indian habitats. There will also be a stall dedicated to exploring birds and birdwatching through play-based learning.
4.  Workshop – Sharing his deep and varied experience as a birdwatcher, specialist Nikhil Devasar will lead an invigorating workshop on Delhi’s bird diversity with a focus on migratory birds and migration.
5. Publication launch: 'Birds of Sanjay Van Field Guide' – We are excited to launch a first-of-its-kind publication showcasing select resident and migratory species of birds in Sanjay Van. The publication also holds a unique calendar in the bird life of Sanjay Van.  
6. Nature store and exhibition – Participants will have access to a number of resources and publications on nature and wildlife as part of the exhibition.
Sanjay Van’s First Bird Festival
7 a.m. to 12 p.m. on 5th March 2023, Sunday
Sanjay Van Gate #3 (https://goo.gl/maps/VWdu75a6aZBbhMxA7)
Register to Attend: bit.ly/SanjayVanBirdFestival
Sanjay Van, New Delhi
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© WWF-India Enlarge
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