Guitarfish Identification Guide

Posted on 27 July 2023
Guitarfish Identification Guide
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Guitarfish, closely related to sharks and rays, are found all along the coast of Goa. Only a little is known about their distribution and ecology due to a lack of efforts in that direction. WWF-India and Sony India are working together to study and conserve the guitarfish population along Goa's coastline.

The ID guide's primary purpose is to provide fishers and stakeholders with an easy-to-use resource for accurately identifying various guitarfish species in the region. By facilitating proper identification, the guide aims to enhance data collection efforts and empower local communities to contribute to conserving these enigmatic creatures. With increased awareness and knowledge, we hope to take significant strides toward safeguarding the guitarfish population and preserving the ecological balance along Goa's coastline.

Download the Guitarfish Identification Guide here.

Guitarfish Identification Guide
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