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CDP India 200 Climate Change Report 2012

The pressure is growing for companies to build long-term resilience in their business. The unprecedented debt crisis that has hit many parts of the world has sparked a growing understanding that short-termism can bring an established economic system to breaking point. As some national economies have been brought to their knees in recent months, we are reminded that nature's system is under threat through the depletion of the world's finite natural resources and the rise of greenhouse gas emissions.

Business and economies globally have already been impacted by the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events, which scientists are increasingly linking to climate change*. Bad harvests due to unusual weather have this year rocked the agricultural industry, with the price of grain, corn and soya beans reaching an all time high. Last year, Intel lost $1 billion in revenue and the Japanese automotive industry were expected to lose around $450 million of profits as a result of the business interruption floods caused to their Thailand-based suppliers.
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