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One Planet Lifestyle e-book

If we carry on living the way we are, pretty soon we are going to need to find a second planet to meet humanity’s growing demand for energy and natural resources. According to WWF’s Living Planet Report we are increasing consumption of resources and the amount of wastes (including carbon emissions) we produce so fast we may need that second planet in less than 30 years.

But we don’t have a second planet yet where we can harvest new resources from or dump our wastes on. And even if we had one, would it be ethical to do it?

The fact is: we only have one precious and beautiful planet. What we need to do now is learn to live on this single planet sustainably.

There are small steps we can all take that help make a big difference. And you will find them right here in WWF’s Pocket Guide to a One Planet Lifestyle.

In this e-book you'll find handy tips on how to slash your carbon footprint while saving money by reducing your cost of living.

You can also access new WWF tools to help you calculate your personal footprint, measure the positive effects of your lifestyle changes, find low-carbon alternatives to travel, and get help on how to find energy-efficient appliances or a green electricity supplier.

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