Panda, Jul-Sep 2013

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Panda, Jul-Sep 2013
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Big cats are some of the most magnificent creatures on our planet. We all have, since childhood, been enamoured by their grace and beauty. This issue of Panda is dedicated to four of the big cats, namely, lion, tiger, leopard and snow leopard.

This issue of Panda is also dedicated to all you nature enthusiasts who will make the world a better place in the future. Here you will find articles, poems and paintings by young people for their fellow budding conservationists. Big cats are at the apex of their food-chains. This means that any danger to the big cats is going to impact the entire food-chain, affecting all the other animals and people in their immediate environment.

However, the existence of all the four big cats is threatened. These apex predators are falling prey to habitat destruction, poaching as well as illegal wildlife trade. It has become imperative to bring the message of conservation to the forefront. The future generations need to be sensitive to these issues.

It is important to make sure that we take care of the environment and the natural habitats of the big cats so they have a place to live. Young conservationists must keep their curiosity about nature alive and spread the word of conservation in their circles. It is you who need to make sure that young people of the future can appreciate nature and wildlife like you do!

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Panda, Jul-Sep 2013
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