Panda, Jul-Sep 2012

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Panda, Jul-Sep 2012
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The articles in this publication seek to inspire a desire for conserving the gharial, a species that evolved into existence more than 120 million years ago, and others like the lesser known giant squirrel. The feature “Through a Green Lens” will also take you through the literal transformation of the Tsomgo Lake in Sikkim as vivid testimony to the possibilities that exist, if only we yearn to see them.

As you explore this issue of the Panda, you will see that it too has experienced a transformation. From newsletter to popular journal, the Panda has matured and grown to support articles from scholars, photographers, students and more. We hope you enjoy this collaboration in conservation and continue to contribute articles and photos towards making the cause of conservation an integral element of our evolution as humans.
Panda, Jul-Sep 2012
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